EACC is funded primarily by donations. Three separate funds are managed by EACC.

  1. The General Fund supports our community sponsored events and operating costs.
  2. The Emergency Fund supports community nominated residents in need. See the Emergency Fund Nominations page for a description of the process.
  3. The Youth Baseball Fund supports the baseball program operating costs (umpires, league fees, equipment, etc.) and a scholarship program to assure all area youth have the opportunity to play. It also supports special needs projects that arise within the program.

Donations to EACC can be made to any of the 3 funds, in one of three ways.

  • by cash or check in Person at an EACC event with a board member present
  • by mail sending a Check
    • Please make checks payable to EACC and mail to: PO Box 123, Empire, MI 49630-0123
  • by using PayPal
    • login into your PayPal account and send your donation directly to and avoid transaction fees.
    • or use the convenient PayPal buttons below (this will incur a transaction fee

Any donation not specifically designated will be applied to the General Fund.

THANK YOU in advance your considering a donation to one of the EACC funds. We count on your support.