Umpiring - Maple City / Empire / Glen Arbor - Youth Baseball League

Volunteer Umpires are required for the Pee Wee division

All other divisions use hired Umpires

Duties of Umpiring - Pee Wee division

  • Pee Wee is ages 7-9

  • In Pee Wee, kids pitch 2 innings and coach pitches 4 innings.  When coach pitches the kids get 5 tries to hit the ball.  

(There have been times when a player gets more than 5 tries, usually if they are younger and are struggling to hit the ball.  This is up to the discretion of the ump and the coaches.)

  • Gear is provided.
  • Games start 6:30, and will be from 6/12 through 7/30, usually M, W & F
  • Volunteers need to be at least 18 years old.  This can count toward a community service requirement for classes.
  • Volunteers would most likely be prearranged for games once we get our schedule.  There may be instances where we call them last minute (if an ump cancels).
  • The primary goal is to assure the kids have fun playing, while keeping the game fair and safe
    • The umpire must occasionally remind parents that these are kids, not professional athletes.  
    • It would be up to the discretion of the ump to eject parents/coaches/players from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct.